Becca ultimate coverage complexion creme review/demo (2023)


Hello everyone in this video I doing a review and demo for the Becca ultimate coverage complexion crème in the color Tobacco. Yall I am lovin this foundation everything from the application down to the way it held up was just great!!! I hope you enjoy the review. Thank!


Hey, everybody this is me Holly coming at you right quick with another review today, I will be reviewing the new why don't know this new.

But this is becca, ultimate coverage, complexion cream.

And I am in the color tobacco.

So it's, Becca and I am indy color tobacco so we're going to see how this works.

Alright, so this is the the product.

This is what it looks like and I'm.

Sure a lot of y'all have seen this several times.

It does have a pump to it, yay for pumps.


And basically what it says is let's see foundation redefine ultimate coverage in a surprisingly weightless and breathable, no breathable, breathable breathable cream.

A perfectly balanced distribution of pigment and water.

Add uniquely high concentrations allows the formula to adapt to all skin types, it's lightweight in all free.

It creates a second skin effect of an undetectable flexible coverage with a natural long, wearing finish 21% pigment ensures that uneven texture is redness, hey, hyper, hyper, hyper pigmentation and other imperfections are completely concealed.

And then it says, twenty-two percent of water as hydration and elastic finish to prevent pig from settling in lines drive the supports one cup to perfection using one pump of foundation and your one perfecting brush on your preferred foundation.

Aluma see, I'm, sorry, hold on using one pump of foundation and your one perfecting brush, or your preferred foundation.

Brush brush, sweep foundation, horizontally across forehead and then move to cheeks and chin finish by sweeping vertically down the nose.

So we were going to see how this works on you today.

Already have my eyes done.

So, yay, for that today, I am going to be using the seer think I'm going to use my, um, if I could reach it let's, see if I can get yeah.

Now, this isn't, the even the right brush.

Hold on y'all to me trying to find mine.

Well, you know what I'm just going to use I? Am so sorry, hold on I don't.

See my brush, ok, I'm going to use my BH, cosmetic stubble brush, it's, a flat, top and I'm, a shake because I always like to shake just to make sure everything you know, gets together and all that good stuff.

Okay, so we go baby says, one pump so we're going to try one pump and I'm going to put this.

This is what it looks like the consistency and we're going to do one side of my face, see how this turns out it's kind of the smell and everything puts me in mind of cat, Bundy foundation, okay, well, that was one pump on one side of my face and actually the direction sets of one pump for your entire face and I have an imperfection right here.

A pimple that went wrong.

I, don't know, what happened, but it was a mess to get rid of so I, don't feel like that's really covered.

And so what I'm going to do is just do the other side again with one pump.

Yo, it is hot in this bathroom with this light and all the lights that I have on.

It is burning up in here.

We have to turn on a fan like quick.


So this is a pump on each side of my face, and to me, I feel like I'm gonna need to, but I don't want to be a cake face, I, really don't.

So I'm gonna do one more pump? Okay, yeah, boo best more than what I was wanting, but I want to go out here, looking like a cake face.

Okay, here we go.


So let's.

Talk about this again, I am in tobacco, um, which I think is a good color match for me, um, yeah, I like the color you have to really work really quick because it dries really fast.

So you really have to work with that.

The application went on very smooth, I'm gonna let it dry before.

I touch my face right quick to let you see to see if it's a tacky feeling or sticky feeling I do believe this is a full coverage, makeup it's, this ultimate coverage.

So I'm going to take that as this is a full coverage, makeup I did need to use to why use the pump here in a pump here.

And then I use it so three pumps, but you know, maybe two pumps we're gonna say two pumps, but y'all saw me.

I did one pump.

And then I did one side of my face.

I did another pumped at the other side, and then I did another pump go all over again.


So what do you think I think the coverage is really nice, and you know, I need to let it dry just a tad bit more.

So I am am liking the coverage on the foundation, y'all have the excuse me.

My brushes are going everywhere.

I am liking the coverage of the foundation.

I do like the color of the foundation, um, it has kind of a thick consistency to it.

So it.

It reminds me a lot of kept Mundi, the smell everything about it kind of reminds me a lot of kat von d, but I do like it the way it's going on.

So now let me know what you think I think I like it I do.

So what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to do my concealer and lipstick and yeah, I'm gonna do my concealer lipstick again, I'm a powder and said, it while I'm on camera.

So give me a few seconds and I'll be right back.


So I got my concealer on.

I didn't put any blush on today.

Let me see might put a little brush along coral, cove let's, try some of this.

And today, I'm going to use my forever.

Makeup Forever pro finish powder, setting powder.

This will really kind of be my first time using this.

So I wanted to try this out and I got this in the color 174 and we're going to see how this it looks like that.

So, yeah, I wanted to try this out today.

You would think I would have had on my brushes together, but no never.


So let's, try this out and see what this is going to do here I'm going to set this a lot of youtubers out there swear about this powder.

So I had to try it for myself, ok? And I did not do my lipstick either.



Face it sit, let me get my lipstick and I'll be right back.

I, promise.

Okay, y'all I'm back I'm done.

I got my lipstick on I got my face said, everything is done I'm done I'm done.


So let's talk about this foundation again, I am using becca ultimate coverage.

Complexion crane foundation.


And I am in the color tobacco.

This foundation went on really, um good.

I used a stippling brush or whatever you want to call it.

And the only thing, um, with this foundation is you have to go ahead and work it in because it dries really quickly I like the coverage on it I like to color on it it's a little tab bit little sticky.

You know, it doesn't feel like skin.

It feels like I have something on my face and that's.

Okay, you know, it's supposed to be the ultimate coverage and its twenty one percent pigment and twenty-two percent water, which adds hydration, which I think is a great thing.

You know, especially in the summertime, um so I.

So far, I am pretty pleased with the outcome of the foundation right now.

It is 11 09.

I have some errands and everything to run today.

So I'm gonna be outside in the elements and we're gonna see how it holds up and all that good stuff.

And yeah, but as you can see y'all, let me know what you think I think it's a good color match.

The light is kind of washing me out.

But when I'm looking in the mirror, it looks awesome.

It does it looks awesome so I'm, really happy with that? Yeah.

So so far so far.

So good I must say so far so good, we're, just going to see how it holds up and go from there me, see if I can powder this? Damn son, okay, okay.


So we're going to see how this holds up and I should be back in a few hours to let, you know.

And let you see it doesn't say if its oil free, but it does says it prevents pigments from setting in lines dryness or pores.

It says, it's, lightweight, oh, yes.

It does it says, lightweight and oil-free.

It does say that, and it creates a second skin effect of undetectable flexible coverage with the natural long-wearing.

Finish so this is like the perfect foundation if it does everything it describes on this box.

Okay, I mean, it would be perfect.

So we will see how this works and I will be back in a few hours.

So that you see, how is holding up and I will see you then, yeah, I have a great day.

Hi, hey, everybody.

This is Benny Holly.

Checking in with you on my review for the Becca, ultimate coverage, complexion foundation and I.

Am in the color of tobacco.

It is now 104 and I clocked it at 1107.

So a couple hours I've had this on in.

You can see how is holding up? Um now, I've had some sunglasses on and that's.

What this is right here.

Some some glasses you can see right here.

My nose, yeah, always wearing some sunglasses today.

So it seems to be holding up pretty well after two hours.

So probably the next time you would see me it would later on this evening, 6ish, seven o'clock ish.

So so far is holding up pretty well, I'm still like this still thumbs up and I would see a little bit bye.

Hey, everybody, this is very highly coming back with the final results of my review of the Becca, ultimate coverage, complexion foundation in the color tobacco, ok.

And here is the product.

This is what it looks like.

Yep pump all that good stuff.


Ok, oh.

And you know, what I did tell you what the else was on this.

This is one full names, which is what the majority of foundation is anyways want alone.

So that's, no big deal.


So here we go.

This is what I am looking like looking like a bright right about now I have not touched up or anything.

The time is 828 I, clocked it at 1107 this morning I've had this on for a good eight, nine hours.

And this is how well it it has held up again, I have not powder touched up or anything.

This is just from an eleven o'clock this morning.

It is a little bit shiny just a tad bit, not a whole lot.

So for me, I think it helped a pretty good considering I've had this on for eight hours.

So it's good to know that it lasts that long I kind of see some breakage break the makeup breaking up a little bit right around here, um, you can kind of see my blemishes here.

Yeah, but that's a tower where so I'm pretty happy with it.

I liked everything I like the color I, like the packaging that it is in I like that.

It has a pump.

It went on really nicely.

I used to brush, I, stipple brush.

And it went on really nice.

It does dry really quickly.

So it's probably best to do one side of your face at a time I had to use I used to pump on each side of my face, and then I use one more pump to do my whole face.

So I used about three pumps of this and I didn't look like a cake face.

I did get compliments on my makeup today and I was really excited about that.

So I, really like the coverage and I would say, it's, a full coverage, I would say the color match is perfect and I'm very happy with this.

This foundation, very happy with it.

It reminds me a lot the consistency of it reminds me a lot of the kat von d foundation, um because it's thick as it has a thick consistency to it.

And it has very nice coverage and I'm, very very happy with this I like it a lot.

So my review for this is thumbs up, I, love.

It I'm, not going to sell will buy this again.

If I was to run out because there are so many other, hi ian foundations that I want to try and that I have.

And so, but it would be at the top of one of the ones to repurchase again, it really would be I like this.

A lot I like this becca I, really do.

So yeah, um like I said, I could use a touch up, but you know, it's, eight o'clock at night, I'm home for the night I'm going to take this off and call it a night.

So thank you so much for spending time with me today.

And if you have any questions regarding this foundation, please do not hesitate to put it down in the comment box.


Appreciate y'all I love y'all so much and I will see you in the next video.


Is Becca foundation good for OILY skin? ›

Gives a satin, matte and long-lasting finish. Perfect for combination to oily skin. Free of oil, alcohol and fragrance, dermatologically-tested.

Is Becca Ultimate Coverage oil Free? ›

Description. An oil-free, full coverage liquid foundation that looks and feels weightless on skin with 24-hour, water-resistant wear. It is combined light and skin-tone-correct pigments to create a shade for every skin tone.

Why did they discontinue Becca foundation? ›

The brand attributed the closure to "an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of COVID-19." Estée Lauder, which bought the company in 2016, made the final decision to shutter the brand, Women's Wear Daily confirmed.

Why was Becca makeup discontinued? ›

The brand said it recently faced "an accumulation of challenges," as well as "the global impact of COVID-19." The brand noted on Instagram that those struggles of the past year have "sadly been more than our business can withstand," leading to its eventual shutdown.

Is Oil-Free foundation good for OILY skin? ›

If you've got oily skin, you're probably familiar with the world of non-comedogenic oil-free foundations. These long-wearing, shine-stopping formulas are a saving grace for anyone who's constantly battling unwanted T-zone gleam or clogged-up pores.

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"One of the great benefits to an oil-free foundation is they provide a lighter feel and achieve a more natural-looking, matte finish," says Hollie Harding, beauty buying manager at Brown's.

What does oil-free foundation do? ›

An oil-free foundation has the advantage of having a lighter texture and creating a matte finish that looks more natural. So use these oil-free, lightweight foundations to achieve a radiant and flawless look. . It absorbs excess sebum, reduces shine, and provides flawless coverage, which does wonders for your skin.

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  • Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Foundation. ...
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  • Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation.

Which product of foundation is best for oily skin? ›

Powder Foundation:

Powder foundations are best suitable for oily skin as it is talc-based and quickly soaks up the oil from your skin. However, this type of foundation changes color after contact with skin oil, so you may need a touchup after a couple of hours.

Is Becca foundation oil based? ›

An oil-free, full coverage liquid foundation that looks and feels weightless on skin with 24-hour, water-resistant wear. It is combined light and skin-tone-correct pigments to create a shade for every skin tone.

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